It was embarrassing
We went to the stadium
With our young grandson in tow
Such a first – a privilege to take him –
But at the entrance, we had to be searched
And send our items via the conveyor belt
It was a New World post 9-11
And it hurt us to intrude new facts of life
Out on display – our grandson’s worldview
So very different from ours at his age
We wondered what might happen to all
Of our children; new dangers have arisen
And we are still worrying and trying hard
To remain positive
So we go to the ballpark to cheer for the
team; sometimes our young man has not
the same players to pray for
We’re on the same side, but it is ok to disagree
No question, it still is the American way
As long as we listen to each other,
We cannot lose
Go Mets!
Go Yankees!
Just Go!
We’re all in the stadium