She was a master
Changing speeds
Painting the corners
Keeping him off-balance
Like a student of the game

He dug in and went to work
Fouling off her offerings
Waiting for a hanging curve
He could get his weight behind
And drive out of the park

She valued their connection
He was a nice guy
Who treated women well
And was never on the make
Yes, he was sensitive as hell

…but she’d met someone else

Dusted to the ground
He brushed the dirt off his pants
Trying vainly to remember what
It was like to be her age
In command of all your pitches

She wanted still to see him and
Chill out from time to time
As the pitch tailed away
He reached out and slapped a double
Between third base and the line

It didn’t clear the fence
But at least it cleared the bases
The other team changed pitchers
The grizzled veteran stood off second
Looking back for the last time