The solar eclipse is coming,
Blocking out light for two minutes
Turning the world upside down
As it did 99 years ago,
When chickens went to roost
Birds went into nests
And the Chicago White Sox
Started to think about
Conspiring with gamblers
To throw the World Series

In the current climate, I wonder…

Will I drive to a state park, lay down a blanket
Under the wide open sky and fill myself with awe,
Breathing in and out like a Buddhist monk OR
Will you venture to the pyramid shaped science museum
Where a staff of earnest educators and scientists will
Wield laser pointers and explain exactly what you’re seeing

Will he head up country to the drive-in movie theater,
Set up with telescopes and a showing of Close Encounter of s
The third kind, amongst popcorn girls, and half-moon smiles OR
Will she go down town to the baseball game, with its promises of
Special edition t-shirts and complimentary viewing glasses
Given out by the Mayor and her staff, at the gate in business attire

Will they check in on their neighbors to make sure their cats
Don’t freak out in sudden darkness, chasing their tails and toys
Something everyone should do at least once every 99 years or
Will I cross the street to ring the bell and see if the
Newly widowed elderly man needs a ride to the park in
An opportunity to help those less fortunate

Or will we all simply remain anxious about the world
The calls that will come, the work to be done
Remaining at our desks, in windowless offices
Breathing recirculated air conditioned air
Eyes glued to the computer screen
Saving ourselves for the 10 o’clock news