(Friday August 6, 2004)

In the yellow car we rode
All the way to China Basin,
Passing through the shadow of the Mays
“Daddy, see the sailboats,
Underneath the bridge,”
“What’s that behind your glasses?
“Your eyes,” you said, smiling.
“They are brown and beautiful”
Seagulls in the twilight
Gliding on the wind above the water

The world unfurled before us
Up in the majestic upper deck
Over batters, fielders, true believers,
Sitting on my lap, eating pizza,
Tomato sauce spread across your cheeks
You shouted “Nomar Nomar Nomar,“
Inheriting my Cubness
With your own sense of style
Smart enough to miss the finish,
Dreaming of a better ninth

As the players left the field
I carried you down the steps
Still sleeping, through the gates
Still waiting, for the Muni
To sweep us back to Union Square
Still wrapped around my neck
Seven blocks to the hotel
Where I tucked you in, still sleeping,
My sweet adventure boy
The one and only prince of better times