spring training is over, time to make tracks
to wrigley fenway kauffman
or wherever batters balls crack
the bull pen is waiting the mound’s been prepared
the roster is ready, nostrils are flared
the star spangled banner brings tears to your eye
rockets ascending so high in the sky
a proud crowd in the ball park, the first pitch is thrown
foul balls a plenty, the bleachers all moan
then suddenly the bat hits the ball just spot on
the roar in the stadium is loud long and strong
a home run the outcome, hitter strolls round the bases
his team-mates hi-five him – he’s one of the aces
then bases are loaded it’s time for the kill
more pine tar is added, all part of the drill
four runs the outcome the pitcher’s a wreck
he’ll get some respite in the seventh inning stretch
after all plays the home team has won
the luck of the devil but they’re number one
we’ll be back here tomorrow the umpire will call
let’s get this game started, play on and