Field of Life

(For Roberto Clemente Field at Great Brook Valley…and the kids who have played there)

The Outfield
Overgrown, expansive, a fenced border
that widely embraces the field and all who enter.

Left Field: Surprises abound: unexpected hops,challenges arise out of nowhere and everywhere,
the most revered are chosen to roam this land.

Center Field: The field general takes charge of the scene
and backs up those who may not be able to reach their goals.

Right Field: Presumed to be weak but often more committed and underestimated:
at the mercy of the prevailing winds and whims.

The Infield
A combination of grit, dirt, vague boundaries,
with errant clumps of grass, hinting at growth.

First base: Running full tilt toward a full life and release past
the squashed beer can serving as the base and reminder of ones’ place.

Second base: Stolen in time: Innocence, faith, humanity, all sliding
spikes high trying to avoid the tag of labels and judgment.

Third base: Hard to reach such rarified sweet air, not too many make it this far
without sacrificing the self to show others the way.

Home plate: Not always safe but the keeper of dreams and pride,
culture, kin and spirits kindled with deep emotion;
always eager to cross over its’ threshold.