All different sights and
All different sounds,
With the sun in the sky and
The dirt on the ground.

A slight breeze from the west,
A cloud blocks the sun’s glare,
While anxious fans go mute
As they sit and they stare.

The throw of the ball and
The crack of the bat
As the batter takes off
Almost losing his hat.

Then the ball hits the wall
With a resounding “Whap”
As he begins to round first
And he won’t stop at that.

He trudges to second
And rounds it to third
But here comes the ball
On a line like a bird.

At the rounding of three
And halfway to home
The cutoff catches the ball
Turns, and lets go.

It comes down to inches
This game’s final play
As the runner slides and
The catcher gets in the way.

With ball in glove
And glove on man
The dust settles
To reveal the runner’s hand.

It’s sitting relaxed
On the corner of home
Safe is the call
And the home team has won.