Cub Nation swings – we
miss your call; once
and always, our sweetness
hitter and friend of
faithful – we hail your
flag; your jersey waves
#10; Ronnie’s honor,
hottest corner now
holler fame induction
victory answer – skies
Santo grins a fly like
a windy homer ivy
bleacher voices reaches
your memory legacy
catching your smiles –

above remains immortal
reminds, while retouching
bases – recall your devoted
glove gold refrain, replay –
click heels twice tribute,
field clouds shine from
Wrigley; Heavenly –
Cooperstown ring has
finally called – convey
loudly, hear us cheer
Chicago prouder – Santo
wins enshrinement clouds
finally clear, broadcast
your curtain calls – Ronnie
shines, reclaim
your day!